WAVES Project Schedule

  • AESOP construction begins!

    The AAO’s 4MOST/AEOSOP team started building the AESOP spines and actuators in early May. You can view photos of the construction process on the AESOP timeline here.

  • 2017
  • Introduction to WAVES presented at the Astronomical Society of Australia AGM, 4th-8th July

    Australian P.I. (Driver), both PSs (Davies & Robotham) and PM (Mannering) attended the Astronomical Society of Australia AGM at the University of Sydney. WAVES-Deep PS L. Davies presented an introduction to 4MOST, AESOP, the WAVES key science goals, team structure and current progress, inviting members of the Australian community to join the WAVES team.
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  • 4MOST All-Hands 2016

    The 4MOST All-Hands meeting 2016 will take place in the week of 19-23 September 2016 at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. The meeting will start around noon on Monday, and end at ~14:00 on Friday. The 4MOST All-Hands is a mixture of science, engineering, and management meetings, spread over plenary sessions and splinter meetings. Details on the agenda and logistics will follow.

  • eRosita Meeting

    WAVES team members Simon Driver, Luke Davies, Matt Owers, Elaine Sadler, Andrew Hopkins and Nick Seymour will be attending the eROSITA/CAASTRO/4MOST workshop "Follow-up of wide-area X-ray surveys: Science, Facilities, Programs." at the Ringberg Castle, Bavaria.

  • Survey Management Plan v2, Survey Science Plan v2

    Version 2 of the WAVES Survey Management Plan (SMP) and Survey Science Plan (SSP) released. The SMP for WAVES provides a brief summary of the survey science, a detailed breakdown of the expected work packages and involvement with the 4MOST Infrastructure Working Groups (IWGs), the team structure and the schedule. The SMP is accompanied by the SSP, which contains the preliminary science case and survey strategy, as well as the Science and User Requirements scientific requirements for the 4MOST instrument.
    Visit the Documentation page or download here:
    SMP v2.0 SSP v2.0

  • 2016
  • Successful ARC LIEF bid awards $440k towards continued construction of AESOP

    Simon Driver and Aaron Robotham (WAVES co-PI and WAVES-Wide PS) successfully led a second ARC LIEF bid for additional funding for the Australian–European Southern Observatory Positioner (AESOP). Combined with University contributions, a total of $880k new funds have been added.
    Further information on the current design and progress of AESOP can be found here.

  • WAVES team member appointed chair of IWG5

    Chris Power is appointed Chair of the 4MOST Science Simulations working group (IWG5) following the Cambridge 4MOST All-hands meeting.

  • First 4MOST All Hands

    First 4MOST All-Hands meeting to be held at Cambridge. WAVES PO (Driver, Liske, Mannering, Robotham, Davies) to attend.

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  • WAVES Meeting [Oxford]

    September meeting in Oxford. WAVES PIs (Driver, Liske) to attend, 4MOST PI (de Jong), 4MOST PS (Feltzing, McMahon) and key UK astronomers to discuss possible UK membership.

  • MSE Meeting

    WAVES PO attending MSE meeting to discuss future spectroscopic surveys.

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  • WAVES PS appointed to IWG8

    Davies (WAVES-Deep PS) and Croom appointed Co-Chairs of the 4MOST Extragalactic Analysis Pipelines working group (IWG8).

  • WAVES Ultra-Deep added

    Modification to WAVES design following SKA rebaseline and 4MOST survey simulations. Introduction of 6 Ultra-Deep fields.

  • WAVES Design concept paper

    WAVES design concept paper accepted and available online.

    View paper

  • Project Office Established

    WAVES PO established at UWA and funded by ICRAR:

    Simon DriverWAVES co-PI
    Jochen LiskeWAVES co-PI
    Liz Manneringappointed as interim project Manager
    Aaron Robothamappointed as WAVE-Wide Project Scientist
    Luke Daviesappointed as WAVE-Deep Project Scientist

  • WAVES co-PI appointed

    Joe Liske appointed as co-PI following successful University of Hamburg funding request.

  • Second LIEF bid submitted

    Second LIEF bid submitted.

  • 4MOST/WAVES Presentation

    4MOST and WAVES presentation at the international conference; `Multi-Object Spectroscopy in the Next Decade: Big Questions, Large Surveys and Wide Fields' in Santa Cruz de La Palma, Canary Islands between 2nd and 6th March 2015.

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  • WAVES team member appointed as chair of SCB

    Joe Liske is appointed as chair of the Science Coordination Board.

  • 2015
  • Mocks delivered to 4MOST

    First complete set of mocks delivered to 4MOST.

  • 4MOST/WAVES Presentation

    First public presentations of WAVES at Naples conference by PI Simon Driver.

    Talk Slides

  • Team Kick-Off

    Science Team preliminary design kick-off meeting in Potsdam.

  • LIEF Award

    LIEF Award accepted: WAVES: (Western Australian) Wide Area VISTA Extra‑galactic Survey.

  • WAVES as a 4MOST Consortium Survey

    WAVES adopted as a 4MOST Consortium Survey - Driver appointed to 4MOST Scientific and Technical Steering Committee.

  • LIEF Grant Submitted

    LINKAGE INFRASTRUCTURE, EQUIPMENT AND FACILITIES (LIEF) grant submitted to fund construction of AESOP.


  • 4MOST PI Visit & AA0 Town Hall

    Visit to Australia by 4MOST PI and Australian Astronomical Observatory Town Hall.

  • 2014
  • White Paper

    White paper submitted to 4MOST. The current survey design is fluid and will remain so until operations commence, but at this stage is proposed to comprise of two distinct sub-surveys WAVES-Deep and WAVES-Wide.

  • 4MOST Workshop

    PI Simon Driver invited speaker to the 4MOST workshop.