AESOP is the fibre positioner unit for the 4MOST instrument planned for the 4-metre European Southern Observatories VISTA telescope in Chile. You can read more about the AESOP instrument on the project information page.



Name Role Institution Contact
Gabriella Baker Project Manager AAO gabriella.baker at aao.gov.au
Peter Gillingham Project Scientist AAO peter.gillingham at aao.gov.au
Scott Smedley Product Assurance Manager/Software Engineer AAO scott.smedley at aao.gov.au
Jurek Brzeski Mechanical Engineer AAO jurek.brzeski at aao.gov.au
Lew Waller Electronics Engineer AAO lew.waller at aao.gov.au
Sudharshan Venkatesan Mechanical Engineer AAO sudharshan.venkatesan at aao.gov.au
Rebecca Brown Optical Engineer AAO rebecca.brown at aao.gov.au
Tony Farrell Software Engineer AAO tony.farrell at aao.gov.au
Sufyan Baker Technical Specialist Petra Engineering sufyan.baker at petraengineering.net