~0.5 million fibre hours

Design accurate as of August 2015

The WAVES-UltraDeep survey design is fluid and will likely cover 3-6 deep fields each with a single 2deg2 pointing, targeting an i-band magnitude limited sample (currently imag <~ 22.3, assuming 6 fields, giving ~80k sources per field). The survey will probe faint galaxy populations to z~1.5 and likely be matched to MOONS and proposed SKA-mid survey fields to maximise science return.

WAVES-UltraDeep will be similar in depth to zCOSMOS-bright, but cover ~6-12 times the area and have >95% completeness, allowing a detailed study of galaxy evolution and structure formation over the last 9.5 billion years. WAVES-UltraDeep will target well-studied deep fields with existing multi-wavelength datasets, which are accessible to the 4MOST site. Possible field positions are:

Name RA low RA high Dec low Dec High Other data
WAVES-UltraDeep1 218 220 -1.5 0.5 G15 DEEP
WAVES-UltraDeep2 149 151 1 3 COSMOS
WAVES-UltraDeep3 8.5 10.5 -45 -43 ELAIS-S1-SWIRE, VIDEO1
WAVES-UltraDeep4 34 36 -5.5 -3.5 XMM-LSS, SXDS, UKIDSS-UDS, VIDEO2, VVDS, GAMA02
WAVES-UltraDeep5 52 54 -29 -27 ECDFS, CDFS-SWIRE, VIDEO3, VVDS
WAVES-UltraDeep6 69 71 -54 -52 ADF-S
WAVES-UltraDeep Coverage