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Successful first 4MOST All-Hands meeting

The first ‘All Hands Meeting’ of the 4MOST consortium took place over 28th September – 2nd October 2015 at Cambridge University (UK), at which the full WAVES Project Office was in attendance.

Participants included the engineers, managers and scientists responsible for the delivery of the 4MOST Facility, scientists from the institutes involved in defining the consortium science surveys, as well as the applications specialists involved in the infrastructure groups.

All aspects of the 4MOST project were discussed, including updates on instrument development and construction, science operations and preparing for the upcoming project milestones. Breakout sessions encouraged new interfaces between various surveys, subsystems work packages and infrastructure working groups in order to develop management plans and outline key milestones in preparation for 4MOST PDR and ESO deadlines.

The WAVES PIs and PSs presented an overview of the current WAVES design, the slides can be found here.