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4-metre Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope

The 4MOST consortium has been selected by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) to provide the ESO community with a fibre-fed spectroscopic survey facility on the VISTA telescope with a large enough field-of-view to survey a large fraction of the southern sky in a few years. The facility will be able to simultaneously obtain spectra of ~2400 objects distributed over an hexagonal field-of-view of 4 square degrees.

This high multiplex of 4MOST, combined with its high spectral resolution, will enable detection of chemical and kinematic substructure in the stellar halo, bulge and thin and thick discs of the Milky Way, thus help unravel the origin of our home galaxy. The instrument will also have enough wavelength coverage to secure velocities of extra-galactic objects over a large range in redshift, thus enabling measurements of the evolution of galaxies and the structure of the cosmos.

The 4MOST instrument

4MOST enables many science goals, but the design is especially intended to complement a number of key large-area, space-based observatories of prime European interest: Gaia, eROSITA, EUCLID, and PLATO, and future ground-based, wide-area survey facilities like LSST and SKA.