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Input Catalogues

The WAVES-Wide and Deep input catalogues are based on ESO VST KiDS plus ESO VISTA VIKING public surveys covering the ugriZYJHK bandpasses. These are now complete but undergoing final checks for optimal star-galaxy separation, artefact removal etc and will be released shortly. In the meantime here’s a taste of the distribution of targets in the WAVES-Wide area where structure is visible as are exclusion regions based on the GAIA DR3 catalogue and, in the South, two large NGC objects.

The input catalogue for the WAVES-Wide North region.
The input catalogue for the WAVES-Wide South region

The WAVES-DDF fields are four single AESOP pointings each covering 4 square degrees that are within the VRO LSST Deep Drill Field Regions. Here the data is more complex but also drawn from a variety of VST and VISTA public and private survey programs including: KiDS, KIDSZ, WAVES-VST, VOICE, VIDEO, ultraVISTA, WAVES-VISTA. Hence the depth is variable from shallow(VIKING depth pointings to the very deep ultraVISTA field). Nevertheless the fields provide coverage for our four fields in ugriZYJHK. This data is currently being prepared and processed and will be made available shortly. For the moment we show the coverage in each filter and in each band below.

Current ugriZYJHK (top to bottom) coverage of the four (left to right) DDF fields. The red solid circle outlines the LSST full depth region, the green the MeerKat coverage and the grey shaded region the currently proposed AESOP pointing (still subject to change).