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WAVES presentation at WFIRST meeting

Australian P.I Simon Driver attended the international meeting “Community Astrophysics with WFIRST: Guest Observer and Archival Science” in Pasadena from 29 Feb through to 2 March 2016. WFIRST is an upcoming NASA mission which will utilise an existing 2.4m telescope to provide deep wide near-IR imaging, GRISM, and IFU capabilities.

A presentation was made promoting the adoption of the WAVES-Deep regions within the WFIRST footprint. WFIRST is scheduled for launch in 2025 and will conduct a 2200 sq deg survey of the Southern Galactic Cap at 0.1’’ resolution from 0.76 to 2microns, and reaching sensitivities of 26.7 AB mag (5sigma point source detection). Such a dataset would allow for routine bulge-disc decomposition of all the WAVES-Deep galaxies extending from z=0.1 to 1.

Visit the talk page to view and download the presentation.