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eRosita Workshop; synergy with WAVES

WAVES PI (Driver) and WAVES-Deep PS (Davies) attended eROSITA MPI Ringberg workshop in Germany to discuss synergy between WAVES and eROSITA.

Specific emphasis was placed on the combination of the WAVES-deep groups/clusters and eROSITA, with potential projects involving group stacking to extend x-ray scaling relations to lower group masses. Other potential synergies are combinations of the WAVES-Deep redshifts, radio continuum measurements in the WAVES-Deep regions from DINGO (and possibly ATCA & MWA) and x-ray AGN detections from eROSITA, to compare optically-bright AGN, radio-bright AGN, x-ray-bright AGN, and star-forming galaxies. Also in attendance were WAVES team members Owers, Merloni, Hopkins, Sadler, Seymour, Popesso and McMahon.

View and download the presentation.